Shan ceasefire group meet ends without public statement Col Gaifa Shan ceasefire group meet ends without public statement “The ceasefire Shan State Army (SSA) North’s al 烤肉食材most a month long meeting ended last Monday, 4 August, without issuing any public statement, according to source 買屋網s from northern Shan State.” 13 August 2008 “Some important decisions were reached,” said an officer close to the depu 辦公室出租ty leader of the SSA-North, Col Gaifa. “However, I’m not privileged to say anything right now. The timing is just not right.” The normall 售屋網y media shy group had swiftly responded when the BBC Burmese section had reported on 29 July that the SSA-North had decided to contest the 2010 elections by sayi 室內設計ng “no decision has been reached yet.”The officer however acknowledged that among the topics discussed at the SSA North headquarters at Hseng Keow, Hsipaw township, included t 酒店工作he demand by the Burma Army for its senior leaders to retire and form a political party, among others. Mizzima News reported on 14 July that the regime is planning to make announcement this 酒店經紀 month for all political parties to register for 2010 elections. “The SSA North certainly cannot make any careless announcement right now,” commented a former SSA officer who resides in Chiangmai. “A 房屋買賣nything it says is bound to offend somebody, if not the Burma Army, it’ll be the Chinese. If not the Chinese, then its own constituency, which means the people and the rank and file.” The group also appears to bankin 西服g on China’s opposition to any resurgence of conflict along its borders. “We understand that Beijing has let it be known that it is against any outbreak of hostilities, be it during Olympics or after,” said the SSA-North officer 房地產.   .


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